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Fearless (in a dream


Solo exhibition 2020, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery

​The project Fearless (in a dream), is inspired by  "Strife of Love in a Dream"  a novel  by Francesco Colonna, first published in 1499, in Venice.  The story presents a mysterious arcane allegory of a romance in which the main protagonist, Poliphilo, pursues his love, Polia, through a mysterious dreamlike landscape filled by ornaments, flowers and orchards, and in his travels he meets monsters, gods, nymphs and strange plants on his way.   I am interested in the culturally determined values, that our lives depend on, and which motivates our ideals, attitudes and actions. Especially in relation to our treatment of nature, which is connected to our daily lives, dreams, stories, history and myths.




Sorry is a series of  textile artworks,  I started to work on in 2018, and the project still continues. The works consist of cotton fabrics, stitching, woodcuts and text. I used  jokes and text ,found in newspapers, about man made problems related to nature.


Liquid sunshine


Rain and reflections, 2017, gouache on paper, 56 x 76 cm

Solo exhibition YOD Gallery, Japan 2017

The works are stories of raindrops, reflections, cloudbursts and memories of rainy landscapes. 


The sea

view sydhavnen.jpg

The sea, 2017

Billboard made for Udstillingsstedet Sydhavnen St.. 

havet sonjas foto.jpg




Halmstads Konsthall, Sweden

June 17 – August 18, 2020. I utställningen ”PINBALL” presenteras tre danska samtidskonstnärer; Julie Nord, Jesper Dalgaard och Mette Vangsgaard.


Genom teckning, textil, keramik, skulptur och videoverk kan du ta del av deras olika berättelser, vilka kan läsas var för sig eller som en helhet.

​Att arbeta utifrån en berättartradition är något de tre konstnärerna har gemensamt. Genom humor och fantasi skapar de samhällskritiska verk, som handlar om allt från hierarkier till miljödebatten och komplexa relationer människor emellan.


Nature Boy

udsnit af nature boy.jpg

Solo exhibition Marie Kirkeagard Gallery, 2018

The project Nature boy so civilized is about  being close to nature, feel connected to nature and about moral ideas,- who to blame for the destruction of the biosphere. I collected press photo, that I used for my sculptures. For example an emotional press photo of a polar bear on a tiny melting ice flake. Motives were also inspired by comic strips, pocket philosophical proverbs and a sticker that I used for a grinning sun. The works capture the binary condition of man’s perception of nature: catastrophe and harmony, beauty and horror.


Lemon Moon


Arne, the farmer, takes a nap, 2016, glazed ceramics

Solo exhibition Marie Kirkegaard Gallery,  2016

For Lemon Moon I look back on my  childhood  from growing up in a small town miles from anywhere with all that implies of village originals, farm animals and rural ambience. Trough, drawings, cross media works, and ceramic sculpture, I tell my story about the strange relationship between people and animals , and I portray the locals and the places I felt connected too.


Alt dette er dit!


Installation view Alt dette er dit!


 Exhibition Vejle Art Museum, 2015


Water color



 Watercolors, 2017

First Floor, Huset i Asnæs


Real wrong life


Real wrong life, 2008

Galeria Estrany de la moto, Spain

Claus Theil Jacobsen, Jesper Dalgaard, Mette Vangsgaard

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