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Mette Vangsgaard lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vangsgaard received her MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Vangsgaards works function as processed sensory impressions of social and physical reality. On the one hand the works deal with modern life in urban environments, and on the other hand they deal with present day-humanity relation to nature. Often the works capture the psychological contrasts in man’s perception of nature: catastrophe and harmony, beauty and horror.She is an attentive observer of social reality, although her idiom cannot be called social-realism. On the contrary, it is rather a singular and paradoxical fusion of motives from a current everyday world with features that can be recognized from “reality-remote” tendencies like symbolism, expressionism and naivism, but spiced up with a contemporary awareness about the picture’s character of being a sign.

She embraces and interpretation of urban structures and experiences of surraounding city space as well of nature as space. The works  achieve an expression which stretches from the refined and a coloristic sensitivity to the trashy and raw. In Vangsgaard`s works there is a highly diversified depiction of the present time, and the pieces often involve the viewer in the social and emotional relations to the nature and the city as space.

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