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Conversation Pieces
The Danish Embassy Washington D.C. 2016


Arne the farmer, takes a nap, 2016

Glazed ceramics


Reunion, 2016

Glazed ceramic 16 x 27 x 24 cm

Conversation PiecesThe Danish Embassy Washington D.C. 2016

Acquired by the Danish Arts Foundation..


The works are placed in the dining room at the Embassy where they will be included in the setting of the table at different dinner parties. This is picking up on the 18th-century Rococo tradition of so called conversation pieces – sculptural objects placed in the middle of a lavishly-set dining table to invite to  conversation. The idea is that guests during dinners will be engaged in conversation about Danish culture.

These works are a part of the project ‘Art in Embassy’ where several works from the Danish Arts Foundation are installed at the Embassy presenting contemporary Danish art, craft and design.

Originally the sculptures were part of my project Lemon moon, which is about my childhood in the countryside in Denmark. Lemon Moon

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