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Restless, rich and bored-2009

Solo Exhibition Beaver Projects, Copenhagen



Beaver Projects proudly presents Mette Vangsgaards second solo exhibition in the gallery. And what a show!

Restless, Rich And Bored is as usual Vangsgaard'sk show both a beautiful, sad, subtle and thoughtful exhibition, which is based on the conditions of human existence in the urban environment. The exhibition presents new collage / gouache / oil works on paper and canvas, small ceramic wall reliefs, a mural and a large installation with a number of new ceramic works.

Mette Vangsgaard guides us through the city's streets and parks. Showing us on the one hand the insistent, bubbly expression of life and the other, the oppressive loneliness among people. For the city walls will be drawn nice graffiti that someone might think is ugly. Others see it not, though they run past every day. The music flows out of open windows, anywhere the curtains are always drawn, and the park's trees can be used to climb, sleep under or hang in ...

Opening Friday. 2/10. Restless, Rich And Bored appears until d. 14/11. See you!

foto anders naked.jpg
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