SORRY - 2019 

Sorry is a series of banners and textile artworks made in 2019. The works consist of cotton fabrics, stitching, woodcuts and text. The intention of these works is to draw attention to the complexity of living in a world where we all constantly reflect on all things, through an overload of news info, social media, advertisements, etc. I  use text from newspapers,  jokes, buzzwords, as a narrator of modern world. In everyday life, we people are trapped by systems we don’t understand . It is a disruption which makes it hard to think clearly, choose the right decisions, do the right thing, and hard to break out of. The title SORRY describes the guilt we feel due to everthing.!

Mette Vangsgaard is interested in the relationship between man and his/her surroundings. This interest takes both the form of modern man’s encounter with nature and man’s everyday life in dense urban environments. Her works depict relations in social strata and deal with issues such as pollution and globalization. Situations are often created in her works, which seem to be a reflective space in terms of human tendencies.

Exhibited at Interactive playfull imagination, NAC, China 2019,

Støj/ Noise, Charlotte Fogh Gallery, 2019,

Hverdag  du forbannede hverdag, Nycarlsbergbyens Galleri, 2019

It is no disgrace to be plain vanilla!,Fabric , glue, 2019, 250 x 155 cm

Sorry honey I ran out of ice, Fabric , glue, 2019, 250 x 155 cm

Pig today bacon tommorow, Fabric , glue, 2019, 250 x 155 cm

Reach your goal, Fabric , glue, 2019, 150 x 155 cm

Reach your goal, Fabric , glue, 2019, 72 x 56 cm

Thanks for nothing, Fabric , glue, 2019, 72 x 56 cm

Greetings from us, Fabric , glue, 2019, 72 x 56 cm

Sorry honey I ran out of ice, Fabric , glue, 2019, 72 x 56 cm  |  Tel: 45 26835516

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