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Ceramic sculptures

Rotterdam Art faire 2023

CURRENT: My solo exhibition

24 January - 25 february 2023
Marie Kirkegaard Gallery


Mette Vangsgaard builds multi-layered works with narratives focusing on  modern human`s relation to nature. Her praxis  spreads itself across many media such as ceramic sculpture, collage, painting and installation.

She embraces and interpretation of urban structures and experiences of surrounding city space as well of nature as space. Both graceful, melancholy trees with long, weary arms and windswept  palms have become recurring elements in Vangsgaard’s artistic oeuvre. 


She is an alert observer of social reality, but her artistic language is not one of social realism; instead it is a peculiar and paradoxical fusion of motifs from everyday life with traits from non-everyday movements such as symbolism, expressionism and naïve art – with a contemporary awareness of the nature of the image as a sign. When you look at Vangsgaard’s pictures, you can therefore get a feeling of being in a parallel universe.

The works capture the psychological contrasts in man’s perception of nature: catastrophe and harmony, beauty and horror, and achieve an expression which stretches from the refined and a coloristic

sensitivity to the trashy and raw. 

Mette Vangsgaard studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

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