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October 2018

The world is forever changing, everything goes so fast. My artistic work is a reaction to the state of the world and the things happening around me. Most of my works are either figurative or contains figurative elements.


I work towards condensing nature, culture and reality into every single work until the deeper meaning stands out and becomes humoristic and ambiguous. The foundation for my works is the contemporary human, our relation to nature and our cohesion with our surroundings. My works are often somewhere between tradition and innovation. I work with traditional materials like, clay, glass, textile, gouache colour, paper and explore these for new possibilities.


In my current work I’m interested in how we handle the big topics, like climate change, pollution, globalisation, and how these affects our communities. The works are often a depiction of the psychological contrast in people’s perception of surroundings: catastrophe and harmony, beauty and horror. Our relation to nature is shrouded in a diffuse veil of nostalgia and romance. We dream about finding our way back to nature while living in a time where people are paralyzed by apocalyptic messages of climate catastrophe. We need hope, role models, dreams and colorful art!


In recent years, I have continuously worked on a project that deals with how we choose to write earth's history. Which objects we decide to exhibit in museums? The project provoked some meta- archaeological works that discus, how “nature” is becoming sterile and dead objects, that are experienced in quite rooms in museums. We are only here for a split second of the universe history; how will other intelligent organism tell the history of Earth? A found plastic bottle? A Screw? What is left when humanity has disappeared?   

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