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Poliphilos`s fruit tree, 2021
Handblown glass, ceramic, textile, ledlight

The work Poliphilos`s fruit tree is installed in Vejen Art Museums collection, donated by New Carlsberg Foundation.


The work was a part of my project Fearless (in a dream)  inspired by the novel Poliphilos`s Strife of Love in a Dream.The novel is said to be by Francesco Colonna, first published in 1499 in Venice, and it is a famous example of an incunable (a work of early print making). The story presents a mysterious arcane allegory of a romance in which the main protagonist, Poliphilo, pursues his love, Polia, through a mysterious dreamlike landscape filled by ornaments, flowers and orchards, and in his travels he meets monsters, gods, nymphs and strange plants on his way.

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