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Closed for this year/Deserted. 2007

Extract from text Nature and Man, Anne Ring Petersen.

FAKTA ,Mette Vangsgaard


The sculptures Lukket for i år/Closed for this year and Forladt/Deserted depict desolate, windy cafés on a palm beach. The complete narrative of these works is pieced together through the thematic exchange taking place between the colourful clippings of the base and the narrative universe which the small world of the sculpture opens a window out into. The colourful collages point to what the sculptures are about, but do not expect a progressive narrative or a didactic moral point. As for content, the works contain a cluster of signs that are combined via cross-references and familiarities into a thematic which gets its core from the melancholy atmosphere of the catastrophe-ridden holiday beach of the ceramic sculpture, a paradise lost or at least threatened. It is typical of Vangsgaard to take such a scene or situation from so-called ‘real life’ and use it as prism wherein a critical understanding of the bigger social and historical contexts can be reflected. Both Lukket for i år and Forladt, as well as Trendy Bar, are comments on holiday situations and the tourist’s dream of freedom and exotic destinations. However, in the sculptures a poignant reminder lurks in so far as the fragility of the beach café sculptures and the platforms can be interpreted as metaphors for the fragility that characterizes culture as being at the mercy of nature. At the same time there seems to be a dialectic relationship between the slender, wind-blown grace at the top of the platforms and the raw materials and collage aesthetics. Thereby the works achieve a breath of expression which stretches from the refined and a colourist sensitivity to the trashy and raw. 

Mette Vangsgaard

Deserted 2007

Glazed ceramics, wire, collage, paperboard, wood

110 x 40 x 40 cm

Mette Vangsgaard

Closed for this year. 2007

Glazed ceramics, wire, collage, paperboard, wood

50 x 51 x 60 cm