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The Project 

I was interested in how popular culture is used to make us feel bad, to give us a bad conscience,  but it seems only momentarily, it is as it does not really bite on us, or as we cannot overcome the devastation. On the contrary, it rather invokes ideas about, that we are well adaptable beings to the changes, being close to nature, feel connected to nature. Some of the motives are inspired by press photos, such as a polar bear on a tiny melting iceflake.

From my point of view, humanity can never be captured as a single unit due to the ever growing, extreme inequality of power relations. Again, we’re letting the big players go – everybody is guilty. Instead, perhaps we should articulate the decisive biological factor in the perspective of the certain way we have chosen civilization to be, and focus on how we convey things.

The sculptures are modeled, glazed and fired.



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