Dead objects 2014 - 2019 

Mixed media collages on paper.

The idea was to perform some meta archaeological works also discussed how "nature" becomes  sterile and dead objects experienced in  the silent exhibition halls. These collages are constructed of multiple layers of paper pieces from old and new archeology books, watercolor,gouache, photo copy and fabrics.

Inner Earth Animal Bones 2014

Collage, watercolor on paper 154 x 173 cm

Collection of objects and photo from Earth, 2019
Mixed media collage, 170 x 155 cm
Space museum, 2017
Mixed media on paper, 130 x 140 cm
Cold as stone, 2014
Mixed media collage, 55 x 50 cm
Stone and jar, shapes and surfaces, 2014
Mixed media collage, 90 x 115 cm
Museum, 2014
Mixed media collage, 145 x 130 cm
Inner Earth, animal bones, 2015
Mixed media collage, 160 x 155 cm
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